Machines can do it better, because – …  This has been a truism followed since the end of the Civil War.  At first, inventors filled the niches that were yearning for machines – printing, travel, clothing.  The Industrial Age was upon us.

Other fields were not so successful in the Automat™ approach.  Medicine failed to become industrialized, although it has been an unending postulate in medicine for a hundred and fifty years. This pressure has led to some marvelous medical machines – the CT and MRI, all sorts of imaging stuff and other – terrific!

But the contact of patient to doctor was always refractory to industrialization.  Even the stethoscope never changed. (I have an electronic Littman – it’s marvelous BTW).

This Administration is the best at pushing medicine over the hump, to bring the final solution of Industrial Medicine to the bedside.  Not one of them has read Marx; the commoditization of labor in medicine is a re-invention, not just obedience to Marxism.

As under the Obama Administration, the future of medicine is discussed on the golf course; but not the kind of golf course that physicians can belong to, even if they pay the incredible fees.  Should someone drop and code, they are on their own.  Perhaps a MBA/MD will be present in the foursome; (s)he will be astute enough to call 9-1-1

I have not particularly despised Obama or Obamacare.  The lack of vision is shared all over Washington, and the goals are clear, no matter what the party label on the White House says.  Medicine will finish up its journey through the magical transformation.