The postulate of school choice is simple. Socialism is the concept that a benevolent society can guide its citizens by incentives and penalties. The eternal obstacle is always the benevolence of the leadership that rises to the top. In spite of every system for selecting for meritorious leadership, it is the most avaricious who inevitably rise to command. 

By analogy, the state franchise for basic education is described as Socialism, which it is not. The postulate is that the young citizenry should become educated for their coming duties of leadership. For those meriting superior education, or that more particular to a certain study, there are private schools. 

What of those parents paying for State schools in taxes, and again for private schools?  Ought they receive a ‘rebate,’ or voucher, for paying twice?  Is paying twice “Socialism?”

Some argue that ‘double taxation’ punishes the poor – again, not the party of the blue-collar but the businessman, offers this. 

Democrats malign school choice; Republicans embrace it. I find this to be a sign of intellectual bankruptcy on both sides. 

I fear we are too far gone as a thinking nation to sustain a republic. Illogical ideas are embraced without scrutiny. This is merely one. 

Plain market theory shows that if the price of education decreases, the more families can afford it. As demand rises, price rises, nearing the same original out-of-pocket costs as without reimbursement. The reverse is true in “de-vouchering ” if vouchers are being used. 

But that’s not the “Conservative” argument.