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It is too late, and nobody gets it anyhow. 

Americans have lost any inkling of how to organize and do anything significant, except by using the ingrained rules of Weberian  bureaucracy.  We seem to have learned it since kindergarten –  Amtssprache; the Newspeak of business. The “language of reason” has slid into a reduced instruction set unable to reach the whole universe of thought. Rather, we define the universe of thought as what our Amtssprache is capable of discussing, and ignore the rest.

Amtssprache is the German term for the language of the bureaucrat.  It’s almost English (or almost German) but not quite; it fits together to form clumsy ideas that can be fed into a bureaucracy to make it whirl.  Think of it as a reduced set of English, with all the subtlety and poetry whisked out of the language with a wire brush, and the remainder, being a dull mechanical language for use in policies, procedures and management statements.

Every programmable machine needs its mother language, and businesses are computer programs written in Amtssprache.  The problem lies in the inadequacy of policy statements to communicate information. Machines need feedback. Bureaucracy suppresses feedback.

We misunderstand why American medicine is dying, because we refuse to look at it in any way but the analysis of the broken bureaucracy.  The myth is that medicine is nothing but the flow of dollars to a magical place called a “clinic” where something happens.  All that matters is the flow of dollars.  They imagine that the failing of American medicine are vascular. A financial V-Q mismatch of dollar flow to productive factory floors across the country sends dollars where they are not needed, not to where they are. Medicine is simply flow-matching of dollars to production.

This is ridiculous, absurd and irrelevant. Medicine is not dollar flow, and the new Golem, Aetna+Humana+Cigna+Advent, will only create a bigger mess.  This is the entity preferred by the deepstate.  The Deep State works more comfortably with massive near-government entities than it does with things that are close to citizens.

Trump speaks ONLY the language of business. Why wouldn’t he think that mo’ better business will fix medicine?  Obama, in viewing medical history as though it were a club of fat surly crackers, enjoyed applying the Bootheel of Reform to the cabal of free-range medical doctors.  The doctors are the zeks of the new reform movement.  They were once called the kulaks, the tight-fisted.  The “kulaks” were described as members of an “anti-Soviet movement” in the countryside, the sticks-in-the-spokes of the New Economic Policy (NEP).

Recall that a kulak is someone who has what you want. If they disgust you, all the better!  They are, by definition, enemies of the people.  Any individual who makes a living by trafficking with the people, out of the watch of government – well, that sounds like a kulak to me!!

Big, branded CliniCorp production floors can’t substitute for real medicine.  They produce a cheap shoddy Bolshevized product, ErsatzMed.  This cannot substitute for real medicine like Direct Primary Care. But DPC is inconceivable in Washington. It’s seditious, uncontrolled, predatory. McMedicine for all!