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Certainly not President-elect Trump. John Galt, the protagonist of Atlas Shrugged, was scrupulously moral; an accusation that Trump has dodged effectively. Objectivism requires a moral code. 

But in this world of faceless entities like the Clinton Foundation – an unnatural corporate holding tank for all things Clintonian – is a monolith, an entity, an immortal thing with its own mechanical will.  A thinkg greater than Bill’n’Hill. 

Trump is very much like a shell of Francisco D’Anconia, the lecher. Both freely used their name as brand. Trump Tower is becoming the New York White House. Trump this-and-that will be peddled, as did the Foundation. But Trump’s war machines move to the Leader’s command, to a personal directive. 

The Foundation is like Stalin’s Politburo-all puppets, of course, watching their puppet enemies jealously. But not to duel; to slip in the knife unseen, in the fog. Kremlin bureaucracy-the finest wine of treachery!

Trump is Trump, as Reagan was Reagan. But movie people have courtiers and posse who fuss over them and primp and bully them. Trump is used to standing at the balcony and being hated. Alone. He may have toadies, but they do not own him.  He is too cruel for that.

Trump may not have Reagan’s insecurity and perhaps early dementia. 

And, after all, he beat a well-oiled but blind machine in Clinton.  Will he prove to be one of the admirables, like Hank Rearden, Francisco D’Anconia, Dagny Taggart? Or a Jim Taggart and his ilk?