The rain came. This game has earned its place among the Great and Memorable games in Baseball.  It is one of the finest.

It belonged in extra innings, evenly matched.  After the squall, it resumed its course as a hitter’s game in a pitcher’s series.  The series itself has been a key to understanding demonstrations of excellence in baseball history.  It is ultimately an American game – an individual’s solitary battle against the challenges of the world, each play.

The commentary is often vapid, talking about “hustle factor” and “the team which wanted it most is gonna win.”  That is not so.  The team which, through the roll of the dice,  merges the greatest bundle of the lightning-flashes of excellence into a sequence wins the inning.  The greatest number of innings, the game.

Men demonstrate awesome skills, but yet do not become Gods.  The sport gives no apotheosis; the hot player this game is the bum of next.  Chicago’s infielder, Baez, had been a bit of a burden to the team on offense; a tag-on player, until he hit a stunning home run in this last game.  It can be anyone.