All are 10% essential oils or neat products unless specified.

  • Safralene
  • Valspice (4 Methyl Guaiacol)
  • Guaiacol
  • Benzoin Essence (undiluted)
  • 2-octanone
  • Terrasol
  • Para Cymene
  • Tincture of Chaparral (neat)

Tried some Sage, but WOW is it strong.

Base and heart tones: Phenolic smoke spice, faintly terpy and rancid with slightly woody oxidized citrus notes, spice nuances of green pepper and oregano, earthy weedy woody herbal, earthy, fresh soil, used to enhance woody, mossy, earthy notes, beautiful spicy, smokey (campfire smoke) fragrance with nuances of deep fruit and leather, very unique warm and vibrant character; warm, powerful, leathery and tobacco facets.

Mostly base elements except some heart notes.
Needs: Salty, dry.