The slashing Clinton election plan of 2016 is little different from the slashing GOP attack on Hillary Clinton of 2016. Both have been effective in souring the public on both candidates.

Trump is an embarrassingly soft target. He acts just like the noveau riche in New York do, when facing the ways of Washington protocol. The elite in Washington suffer grotesquely under such riff-raff as the Andrew Jacksons and Jimmy Carters. It’s not that these temporary guests are bucolic; they are impertinent to their betters. It’s not the smell of shit, but the lack of embarrassment about it.

As for actual upheaval, the demure and stylish FDR up-ended DC without much panic; the country already rang with alarums of revolution, by God, the kind of thing where the rich and powerful might suffer.

Jimmy Carter, the last rube to defy Washington, bluntly prized Annapolis ways over Washington ways, contemptuously; the vlasti were greatly chagrined and froze him out for his successor. Reagan, seeming to champion a people’s revolt, folded in like melted butter to the Washington Versaillese class; after all, they were more of his ‘people’ Than the Okie trailer set.

In the ways that corporations are people, Ron was a populist reformer; the Debs of the international trading floors.

This election like many others is the love child of Lee Atwater. Donald is the new Willie Horton in the flesh. He is the perp.

Hillary learned a boxful at the puisne impeachment of her husband for a cumstain. We are about to astonish history by bracketing its scope with the topic of Bill Clinton’s Dick.

That impeachment was absurd; the trial, splitting 55/45 across the board by party, a joke. It was a unanimous stand against courage; a bold defiance of integrity and a relegation of Jack Kennedy’s Profiles in Courage to the dustbin of history.

It was a Mob rub-out that nearly succeeded, and Famiglia della Clintoni’s been waiting for revenge on the offenders. Hillary’s taken the head of the Famiglia with a breathtaking rubout that would stun Al Capone.

Putin better start getting stooges to taste his meals, and check his pillowcases for polonium. She’s ruthless.

The Democrats are probably holding back on more October surprise material. If it gets any muckier, voters of all stripes will dodge the election, and a low total turnout looks bad for a mandate.