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But who does “we” refer to?

From the late 40’s to the early 60’s, at the least, a tony clique of highly connected neighbors, just west of Rock Creek and north of the Potomac River, plotted coup d’etats, political smears, scandals, kidnappings, insurrection, mayhem and the news copy that sold it to the public with manic routine. The [Washington] Post publisher’s digs at 2920 “R” St. NW Washington, D.C. was hangout central for a quasi-governmental syndicate with tentacles reaching around the circumference of the globe. And even today some “authorities” see this coven of paranoiacs, manic-depressives, alcoholics, good ole boys and sociopaths as the “wise men.”

Where Do You Fit In? by Tim Hartnett, October 13, 2016

American citizens believe that whomever can grasp a flag and was born in the USA fits into the definition of “us.”  Our leaders know better.

Many of the vocal citizens calling for the Trump Revolution are those who believe that they are supposed to have a birthright to run this country, and are supposed to do so by the ballot.  The more we depend on “government by cabal,” which is the more traditional form of governance for many years in the US, the more obvious it becomes that we are deranged from what many believe the civic principles of government in the US to be.

Medicine provides a transparent view into government by cabal.  The small groups in DC and other places have no idea what goes on in US healthcare, no more so than the courtiers at Versailles; nevertheless, they run it and we don’t.

“We” are those who benefit from Mass Market Corporatism.  “We” are the ones who benefit from Federalism and the government-industrial monolith.  “We” doesn’t sound like the “you and me” that Woody Guthrie sang about.1103px-woody_guthrie_wide

We have lost our patriotism indeed, if we are the ones whom Woody Guthrie sang about in Deportees and This Land is Your Land.  American Citizenship is not merely a permanent immunity against deportation.  American Citizenship is stock in this country, and the authority to govern it as we best see fit.

There is private ownership of things.  But there is not a waiver of reach of  citizenship into the matters of the United States.  The elite above would have us leave the governing to the Best and Brightest.  The brutal dictatorship of Cuba was the direct result of the incompetence of the Brightest.

When a country is composed of the powerless who simply follow rules, the country declines.  When a country is composed of the independent and tough-minded citizenry who understand that it is their business to eternally rebuild a country that allows citizens to own their actions, a country flourishes.

The Republic Party had a tragic birth defect; it was born with the illusion that Federalism and Government concentration and control could lead to great things, if the leaders were chosen wisely.  The myth remained that in a democracy, we would choose the bravest and wisest leaders; so powerful and overarching Government and its alliance with the budding Corporatism would lead to American prosperity.

For over fifty years after the Civil War, America lived under the umbrella of exceptionalism – that bad means exercised by good people would always bring a good result.  It didn’t work, no more than Marxism-Leninism.  We should drop this now, rather than die for it.

“Humans” are not some underclass – some helots for service of the Corporate or Government entity.  We are not useful, fungible, dispensable; we do not lose our worth when our money or capacity for servitude runs dry.  We are the Government.  Many wish we did not think that way.