A seemingly eternal and lethal flaw lies at the heart of American liberalism.  Its Original Sin is the corrupt penchant for cruel contempt for lesser persons or lesser ideas; any thoughts which deviate from the Consensus of the Wise.  Poverty, war, hunger and homelessness are not vanquished even in the tiniest corner into which these saintly people reach.

Look at New Haven, the home city of Yale, where it is unsafe to walk the streets at night; or Berkeley, dangerous outside of the little students’ shtetl. Great wisdom and wealth trickle into the sand a few yards from the blessed in Cambridge. 

Wise and great programs set up to “work on misery” are thriving. In Government Bureaucracy, obligation only extends to cataloging the miseries afoot; the very finest strive only to treat, not to cure. The goals of the wise are grim and sparse; no joy can echo redemption of humanity and human life, under their benighted and sterile rules.  Paradise must be joyless, think the redeemers.

Prejudice is its watchword.  Cops?  Fat meaty white men who hate blacks.  Doctors?  Greedy thieves in white coats.  Ethnic whites?  Racist trailer-trash scum.

Contempt and hatred, prejudice and ignorance are not a means to advance a society – even if they are used “for righteous purposes.”  We have seen it; it turns out bad.