We’re getting a lot closer.


  • Eau Parfumee Au The Vert by Bvlgari:  Silly grammar aside, this is pretty good for the clinic.  Big sillage yes, but a pleasant clean and soapy aroma fills the room around the gentleman doctor.  I find the use of “inscription Latin” a bit vvlgar when vsed in regvlar typesetting.  And once you go French, go French.  “The” stands out like a sore thvmb.
  • DUEL by ANNICK GOUTAL for MEN:  This is pretty much it.  Very classy and understanded.  Unlike canard noir en caoutchouc, previously reviewed, a scent shouldn’t state, “HEY HEY!  I’m a scent, over here.”  If a gentleman doctor wears a scent, it should always have the element of mystery to it.  “Is that doctor wearing a scent?”  and its character should be subtle, not “Tire mon doigt!” like some colognes do.  Barely as skin scent in six hours. 
  • The Dark Rider. A toy scent from BPAL that showcases opoponax.   It’s enough to go after Santa Maria Novella’s product.  At a hefty $160 from the Italian maker, that’s a brave blind purchase, indeed.


On Deck:

Meanwhile, new candidates come in from the Divine line.  The ad copy is promising.  (I promise to write more about the art of ad copy later.)

  • L’Homme Infini by Divine is a Woody Chypre fragrance for men.
  • Hermes Hermessence OSMANTHE YUNNAN.  Very lush, promising. Gonna try it. 
  • L’homme Sage by Divine is possible. At the top, saffron and mandarin, cardamom and lychee. At the heart, balm and aromatic woods, lightened with everlasting flowers and patchouli. The low notes, a timeless oak moss, amber and incense.  Again, a hell of a blind purchase. 
  • L’etre Aims by Divine for men is an ode to the everlasting flower.
  • L’Homme de Coeur by Divine is embued (sic) from head to toe with the main note – iris, which is not so powdery as cold.  We’ll try a decant. 
  • Opoponax by Santa Maria Novella. I got this from a classy sniff of Dark Rider.  Awfully expensive – I’m not sure that I’ll try it.
  • Skidmarque, by Mennen. A sly joke that is on the way. Tune in again soon.