The newspapers covering The Drug Epidemic have finally discovered fentanyl, and it’s scary.  The Chinese are selling it for several thousand dollars per kilogram.  That’s terrifying.  That’s several dollars per gram.  LD50 for fentanyl’s about 2 mg. without respiratory support.  A gram – 500 LD’s worth, and probably a few thousand doses of junkie fun is, what, a few bucks?

And that’s from the weakest form of the fentanyl family. The others are far more potent.  This is the start of the tidal wave.  Carfentayl’s about 4-log more potent than morphine, the standard; fentanyl is only 2-log more potent.  (That’s 10,000 more potent vs. 200 times more potent.)  The numbers go straight up – the LD50 for carfentanyl’s about 20μg for a human without respiratory support, into the high ng/kg range; LSD BLOTTER amounts.

One gram of Chinese carfentanyl is enough for about 100,000 doses of synthetic junk.  Let’s imagine the idiot wholesalers mark it way up to $10/gram.  That’s ten grand per kilo.  Think about it.  A distributor’s lifetime stash in a single buy.

And if the drug dealer’s an idiot – and they usually are – a million bucks’ worth fits in a teaspoon.  And enough to kill 50,000 people in that teaspoon, too.  I’ve written before about the risks of synthetic opiates as terrorist weapons.  Now, I find out that a buck’s worth is plenty more than enough to kill a World Trade Center’s worth of people or two.

And where’s the DEA looking in all this?  Chronic pain.  Twenty years behind the times.  Let’s stomp out the drug menace of the 1990’s here and now.