You know by now that V. Lenin was the master of the Twin Revolutions.  Perhaps he didn’t invent it, and all revolutions, if studied carefully, demonstrate the elements of the two revolutions.

First, The Hammer, of course.  Empower the masses, let them strike down whatever they fancy!  It is all contaminated with the Old Ways, so go ahead and destroy it!  Never mind if it is obviously part of the hated Old Way, or as benign as the water and sewer and gasworks – smash it!

Next, The Sickle.  You have been quietly installing your best friends, comrades of the vanguard, your brothers in the revolution, as lieutenants responsible for bringing order back out of the wreckage.  Install them two at a time – this is critical.  Brother A_ is responsible for Urban Public Health – the water and sewer.  Comrade B_ is responsible for Public Sanitation – the sewer and solid waste collection, garbage.  Notice how their duties overlap a little?  Make them overlap extensively!  Tell B_ that you are distraught over the rampant public health disasters – tell me, what is Brother A_ doing anyway?  And ask Brother A_ to keep his eyes peeled in the matter of Public Sanitation – there’s trash in the streets!

Who will win from this strife?  You, of course!  The sickle will come for both their heads.  They will be replaced by their jealous and terrified lieutenants in Sanitation and Health, who have just seen what’s happened to the Big Boss.  Of course, they’re on the chopping block, as well.

Divide and conquer.  That’s the motto of the Sickle, and Stalin was a master at it.  Make sure to have two jealous rivals reporting on the other’s mistakes, and have them compete for the same resources.  Watch Cesar Milan – when two dogs have to compete for mutual resources at home, they fight.  Kindness and altruism doesn’t work well for dogs when there’s competition over a resource.  They fight.  So do people.

The general principles of the Dual Revolution can be found in many revolutions.  To analyze most of them would be an academic exercise worthy of study.  Somebody, go at it!  When it comes to its civil analogy within social systems, it works, too.  The principles are working beautifully in the overthrow of modern American medicine.  It began years ago, with the divisions within the doctors – Academics vs. Clinicians, Physicians vs. Surgeons; and then expanded to Nurse Practitioners versus DO’s versus MD’s.  Divide and conquer!

It is important to know when to change your warm embrace of Comrade B_, of Brother A_, and express disdain and contempt.  That B_, he’s a rat, a counterrevolutionary; and of A_, what more can be said, he’s never sober nor at work.  No wonder everything’s a mess!

The first part of the Revolution is casting down the old power structure.  The second part, of using failure, and the terror of the masses, to advance your own personal agenda.  That’s what it’s about.  When you are Commander and all fear you, then you can do what you wish.  If you wish for prosperity and freedom for the masses, knock yourself out!  Or if you wish cruelty and penury, that’s what you care about?  Or, if like many, you wish yourself hemmed in to Versailles, never bothering to ask what’s outside the walls, all the better for you!  Power is the only thing that the Dual Revolution’s about – not the paradise of the masses, or the freedom of the race, or all the rubbish which you need to sell to the masses.

In the 21’st century, the Media has taken on the voice, but not entirely the Power, of the various revolutions.  They are idiots and handmaidens – don’t worry about them.  They excite the public about a candidate calling a Miss Something winner a pig or a housemaid – so what?

The American Medical Revolution is a mastery of a work in process.  “Biotechnology” firms – which means every enterprise that profits from healthcare – has earned in excess of 10% in profit ANNUALLY since 1980. That rate of increase comes out, modestly, to about 25.5 the original value.  Physicians earned $125,500 then – are they earning $3,206,232 a head annually – pediatricians and general practitioners – nowadays?  No?  Then why does the media drag the doctors through the mud as the cause of health bankruptcy?

The primary care salaries today range from $140,000 for unboarded primary care, to $179,782 for internists.  Internists were probably about $100,000 back in 1980.  That’s about a 2% boom in salaries annually.  That’s what bankrupted the country’s healthcare?

But doctors are not the vanguard of the Healthcare Revolution.  They are the chumps.  The media distorts much of what it broadcasts, because many things are rather dull when honestly reported.

Other fields under change.

Where else is the professional world being blown apart?  Nursing, of course, was the training ground thirty years earlier for crushing a profession.  School teachers K-12 have been handled the same.

Look at law enforcement, and you hear today the sort of chilling assertions being thrown around that were fished out of the Institute of Medicine‘s report To Err Is Human. (TEIH)  Although it has become the Mein Kampf of the Healthcare Revolution in America, it really says things about quality that aren’t so awful.  The spin put on it, however, made it one of the most crushing objects used in the overthrow of American medicine.

Look at law enforcement.  99% of encounters between police and public are nonviolent. “During 2011, over 62.9 million U.S. residents age 16 or older, or 26% of the population, had one or more contacts with police, such as calling to report a crime, being stopped in a moving vehicle, or being approached by an officer in a public place (street stop).” (ref) “According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics’ (BJS) Law Enforcement Management and Administrative Statistics (LEMAS) 2003 survey, state and local law enforcement agencies with 100 or more sworn personnel, employing 59% of officers nationwide, received nearly 27,000 citizen complaints about police use of force during 2002. About 8% of these force complaints were sustained; that is, there was sufficient evidence to justify disciplinary action against the officer or officers. See Citizen Complaints about Police Use of Force” (ref).  That’s two thousand unjustifiable UOF cases.  “Of persons who had contact with the police in 2005, about 9 in 10 felt the officer or officers behaved properly (table 4).
Blacks (82.2%) were less likely than whites (91.6%) to feel the police acted properly during a contact.” (link)  1,20o,000 police encounters in 2005 with white citizens were felt to be improper by these citizens; 290,000 encounters similarly for African-American citizens.  Because of the population demographics, a majority of contacts felt to be improper by citizens was mostly with White citizens.  Given that an estimated 16.8% of persons experiencing force reported that they did something to provoke the officer to use force, such as threatening the police or resisting arrest (previous link,) the magnitude of the problem becomes circumscribed, defined.

To define is not to trivialize. 99.99% is unacceptable, 100% unattainable, and we struggle in the verge.  If there were 2000 UNJUSTIFIABLE USE OF FORCE cases per year nationwide, the goal should be to reduce that number to zero.

We may insist that 0.1% is too high, or the data does not properly show the disparate impact upon minority communities. But the media campaign trying to ostracise the cops reminds me so much of the scorched-earth campaign after To Err is Human, the death warrant for American medicine.

Think. What will the consequence of the outrage against police shootings be?  It is another “quality” argument.  The quality of citizen-police encounters is unacceptable. What will happen if this crusade follows the history of the doctors’ lynching after TEIH?

Following the same script, then corporate (private) police like Blackwater will direct the outrage against public policing and Dinkytown Cops. We will have an outcry for big, nationally standardized policing.  Big national Best Practices should become universal; and the best way to do this would be to have a huge corporation be responsible for American policing.

They might say, why do we let cops make decisions on the fly?  Get them Google Glasses and follow instructions. Keep the video rolling, like medical exam rooms will do within two years. Catch them and punish them – no, not bad guys, cops!  Let them know that they are one ill-considered action away from the penitentiary!!

And the public assumes that there WILL be enough people who want to be cops – just like there WILL be enough doctors, or doctor-substitutes. It’s just going to happen, enough of supply and demand nonsense!

Open the borders to international cops, like we’re doing with doctors. Privatize the police – like we do prisons. Really, there’s nothing novel about it; copycat ACA. Perhaps Trump or Clinton can do for policing what Obama did for healthcare.

Once again, let’s throw the 99% off the pier because of the 1% failure. That’s what media’s for.  Just like healthcare.

This year we learn the incredible “fact” that medical errors are the #3 killer of Americans. Next year, somebody will “calculate” that police violence kills more African-Americans than auto accidents do. Who cares if it’s true?

Except 20 years from now, when the National Security Force brings us Third World law & order to go with our third-world medicine.  Private corrections officers nowadays make about $12.00 an hour to start, and last perhaps three years.  Pretty soon, we’ll wind up with very young, very inexperienced cops on the streets with no authority or skills, making decisions with the threat of criminal prosecution if they screw up.  Keep your head down, don’t make waves, citizen.

Remember – if you light the fuse for reform, you bear the consequences of your actions.  If reforming American Healthcare makes it Guatemalan Healthcare, don’t cry and point fingers.  It’s a joint national screw-up.  If we mean Black Lives Matter, and not Black Publicity Matters, let’s improve on the 99.9% and do much better.  Just to do a crusade and a march and a chant and a sit-in, probably endangers more citizen lives down the road than doing nothing.  Just doing something is meaningless – effect meaningful change.

Go read IOM’s To Err is Human. It reads like a World Trade Center blueprint did to the terrorists. You have to know how it works to make it collapse into rubble. They did. It fell. “Quality” was the structural steel that they targeted – a direct hit.  It’s almost though it were planned this way by the people who are out to make massive profits off the destruction of healthcare.  And law enforcement.  And everything.

And now – the Brave and Bright New World is boundless.  Ask Stalin – he died in his sleep.