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p style=”text-align:justify;”>One field of study desperately needs advocacy, a discipline in dire want for deep and systemic analysis in the American University. We need excellence in the practice of tyranny and totalitarianism.  What we have is  quite obsolete, outdated by centuries.  As  point to the Prince, by Machiavelli, as a medieval guideline for the wicked leader to heartlessly rule over the gullible masses.  A classic – but it predates most of what we would consider modern.  The life of Cromwell and the Commonwealth of England come 150 years after Machiavelli, who lived in Leonardo’s time.  with Galileo living between the two ages of Machiavelli and Cromwell. Newton , the first modern physicist, lived shortly after the Commonwealth.   The line of European modernity crosses history, arguably, between these two goalposts, Machiavelli and Cromwell.  The New World was discovered during Machiavelli’s lifetime.  By Cromwell’s time, it had been well-explored and was being effectively plundered.


Machiavelli?  Dr. Sheldon Cooper?

The Commonwealth was, for sure, one of the great laboratories for modern Fascism in Europe.  It is a pity that most Americans have never heard of it, or of Cromwell, one of the greatest artisans of change in the history of political philosophy.

By the way, after the fall of the Commonwealth, the corpse of Cromwell was dug up, hung in chains, and beheaded. I’m not sure whether the desecration was an echo of the Dark Ages, or a reasonable modern-day response by the paroles to a new modern horror-like the desecration of Pettacci and Il Duce.  Cromwell was the first to put a human face onto dictatorship.

Higher education should properly offer an understanding of the methods of tyranny.  They are empirically exercised in so many places and ways; yet they are not formally codified in modern terms.  Those are the sort of dark recesses towards which the lamp of learning gravitates to.

The practical arts of tyranny and manipulation are best studied so that they can be decently wielded, so as to harm the fewest members of the masses that they can.

First Premise


p style=”text-align:justify;”>To command an idea, a worldview, is to require obedience and servility on the part of the masses.  However, if one can falsely imbue the masses with the mistaken idea that what they are following is their own will, freely chosen, then they will leap off any cliff at the command of the dictator.  One will defend one’s own fool ideas to the death.

Second Premise

Substitute Choices, a small set of pre-determined ideas or objects, for Decisions, an infinite range of actions which are limited only by individual intellect.

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