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Or why poor White trash need to shut up and vote for Hillary.

If anyone does not know the term “poor White trash,” it is an intensely insulting term for the invisible of America who do not fit, are not placed into any other fabricated class.  Upon poor White trash falls the stereotype of all bad things about Americans.  Black Wall Street businessmen who rape and plunder African countries for their wealth, well, they cannot be held to be despicable.  Even though they treat millions of human beings like chattel, they are not, at least, poor White trash.

I see much of the “White Pride!” movement to be a sad, reactive attempt to resurrect dignity in the light of identity.  It is as sad as arguing for “Mulatto Pride!”  It is pointless to call our President a Mulatto – and if he were to begin a Mulatto Pride movement, he would not be seen as brave, but daft.

As JD Vance wrote in Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis, if one looks within the circle of people who are defined by PWT, one engages in a productive sociological analysis of the white underclass that has helped drive the politics of rebellion,” to quote the lyric poetry of the New York Times, which is NOT the usual source for PWT happenings. 

He proves for the answer to the riddle how Appalachia and the South went from staunchly Democratic to staunchly Republican in less than a generation.  The mystery can be seen in the paradox Vance writes about – “I could never understand why our lives felt like a struggle while those living off of government largess enjoyed trinkets that I only dreamed about.” Once can sequester welfare queens into one pot, and brave working poor into another.  But there is no qualifying label – poor, Mexican, White, whatever – that can discriminate between the two pots.  A step in the enlightenment from one’s fundamental belief in racism is “They’s good ‘uns, and they’s bad ‘uns.”

People can be practicing culturally reprehensible behavior, but retain their own delusion of superiority and self-respect by virtue of the ‘isms.  There must be a fig leaf to pretend that PunkAmerica is composed of others that can be differentiated from one’s self by color, language or what have you.  PunkAmerica is the pride of our nation.

Include the Ozarks, and you have the graspy Clintons as PWT gone wild, who hit the Food Stamp jackpot for millions. What does the Clinton Foundation DO, anyhow?

Vance “has no patience with an old acquaintance who told him he quit his job because he hated waking up early, only to take to Facebook to blame the “Obama economy.” Or with a former co-worker at a tile warehouse who missed work once a week though his girlfriend was pregnant.”  Not giving a shit is not only color-blind, it nearly belongs on our national currency as our American vision statement.

As Homer Simpson sang it, “Cut every corner so there’s more time to play.  It’s the American way.”  His ill-fated nemesis in one episode, Frank Grimes, was a poor fellow who struggled against incredible odds – as though a living version of JD Vance – but Frank Grimes was killed in an industrial accident, a loser.

When it comes to defining a “loser” in America, it’s the one who doesn’t have the chips.  IF you got the chips, you got the toys, it doesn’t matter what your character is – did you skate through life avoiding your duties, or stay up night doing them?  PunkAmerica doesn’t care.

This is why PunkAmerica is energetically trashing its own healthcare system, as oblivious to the consequences as the meth addict who runs his car into the wall, and torches his house.  Didn’t he see that he would have no car, and then no house?  Why should he care?  It’s not that he has great plans to steal a car, and squat in another’s house – he has no plans whatsoever except the whim of the moment.  There is no need for a punk to put tomorrow’s travails into his mind today.

PunkAmerica investment has brought a thin veneer of prosperity to this country over the last forty years or so.  People who save money, and consume less than they produce, accumulate capital for the future.  There is no need to quote any authority about thrift – it has been the way of civilization since before we began agriculture and food animal-keeping.

PWT are devoid of any ethic – Christian, Confucian, Islam. All discuss courtesy and dignity, and avoid strife. Real Islam, not Punkislam, is closer to being a heresy of Christianity from a Judeo-Christian perspective. Punkislam is merely rootless selfishness. 

When small village traditions are obliterated and there is no longer a community ethic – whether on the Reservation, in Podunk USA or Nowheristan- nobody gives a shit anymore. Boredom and trouble prevails. 

If you burn through all the savings, you’re f*cking rich, or feel like it.  The casinos love you!  Or pretend to.  The membership in PunkAmerica has nothing to do with the color of your skin – Martin would agree and understand, it’s content of your character, baby.

What happens after Kristallarznacht, the smashing of the clinics, the metaphorical or literal lynching of the doctors, the ransacking of the hospital?  After?  There is no such thing as after, but NOW, in PunkAmerica!  The hung-over warriors will be standing outside the emergency rooms a few days later, with weeping cellulitis in the arm where they slashed themselves on glass, wanting care!  They will not connect wanting care now – which they deserve, after all – with their smashing up the medical care system yesterday.

And they will go to the now-fortified national retail drugstores, and talk through the bulletproof glass to the pharmacist, and demand a prescription for antibiotics.  The pharmacist will be the new doctor for all but the very rich.  But antibiotics do not heal a septic arm.  Knowledge of wound management heals a septic arm – and that knowledge is lost.  They will come back, feverish and in pain, planning to shoot up the Plexiglas windows.  Go ahead!  Or buy more antibiotics and oxycodone – there’s no need for prescriptions anymore!  Or get wealthy and go to one of the doctors for the rich – there are still a few!

And the PunkAmerica warriors are not exclusively PWT.  Like the soccer hooligans of Britain, as Theodore Dalrymple had written about, can be college-educated, upper-middle-class wealthy, but travel to other countries for violent drunkenness, so will the PWT be Regional Vice-Presidents and Executive Administrators and other members of the nonproducers who today are valued more than the doers of things.  They can be Hispanic, or Asian, or gay, when smashing up the clinic – it’s an all-American show!  Hillary tried 15 years ago, but the system was not crumbled yet.  She needed patience, and Barack. 

But we need PWT to blame for the revolution of PunkAmerica that has swept through our culture long ago.  It’s the PWT, those awful Trumpians who are the problem!  Find the problem, and simply smash it!  Nobody will stop and ask – isn’t that attitude actually the problem itself?

“Screw America, give me what I want right now!”

To counterbalance that, the elite – the reprehensible who live behind the gates, whose servants go to work in the favelas – the elite hate and fear the masses, but live by their code.

There you have it.  It sounds just like the culture of Haiti, or any depressed South and Central American social disaster of a country.  And who are the a**holes, the bastards responsible for all this misery?  The socialists would say, it’s the rotten rich; the right-wing would say it’s the rotten poor.  And they are both right.  When a culture rots, it’s from the inside out.  When Punk behavior becomes esteemed more than productive behavior, it does no good to point out that the criminal du jour has an Afro or rainbow earrings.  It’s what’s between the rainbow earrings that’s toxic.

I would like to be optimistic, but first give me facts to be optimistic about.

I come from a similar background than Vance, but one that was still moral and optimistic. Poverty there came from lack of opportunity; I did not see the Punk ethic, grab it now and shit on everything else, which characterizes the ISIL brats to a ‘T’. And Rezrats. And so many others. It is the end of much of the West-so what?