There’s an idea that’s been floating around that I’ve been wishing to talk about – the Tao of Medicine.  Unlike most approaches to this sort of topic, I’m not interested in dragging a lot of superstitious, partially understood Eastern philosophical ideas in to sprinkle the topic of medicine with hoodoo.  

God help us all and save us from one more person who wishes to ‘improve’ medicine.  It does not need improvement.  It needs peace and quiet for convalescence.

Sometimes, when I write, the words flow out nicely.  Sometimes, everything comes out in chunks and it’s all curdled, and the thoughts don’t fit together well and are ugly.  There’s something about generating an orderly sequence of expressive thought that is at times a smooth and rapid flow; and other times clumsy. 

I’ve written two sections on the Tao of Medicine.  The first was supposed to publish this morning.  Neither was any good, so I’ve kicked them down the road until the writing weather in my head becomes more gentle.

Anyone know what I mean?  Welcome thoughts.