Aleppo. Karnak. Benghazi. Panmunjom. LIBOR. Farange. Stettin. Fukushima. My Lai. Sebastopol. Chilcot.
The media teaches the class and tests the candidates on their cocktail-party familiarity with McMedia’s buzzword du jour. Gary Johnson is now “unsuitable” as a serious candidate. To pass the test, one must not only trigger off the word, but throw out a rant, shaded to one’s political narrative.
We Americans live on the foam of the moment; yesterday is so yesterday.
What happened to the War in the Ukraine? The inquiry into Britain’s decision to war in Iraq? America’s reparation for Geneva convention violations? The continued leakage of nuclear material from a reactor meltdown?
We are American, all that’s over and on the last test. DNTK. Don’t need to know. Not required reading. Not majoring in this.
McMedia unleashes sublime contempt on humans who might have a moment of confusion. Johnson thought ELEPO was an acronym. No, stupid! The “panel” did not explain it, but ridiculed him to his face, a dunce.
Who owns whom, you stupid peon? We bless and break the candidates who beg for our attention.
Does anyone get it? The Trump movement people are seeing how the game is rigged like a South American election. They are mocked as teabaggers and trailer scum. McMedia casts them into obscurity.
In pre-war Germany, the art of contempt and derision swept a little known author into public. His book was titled, “Four and a Half Years of My Struggle Against Lies, Stupidity and Cowardice.”
His editor condensed it to “My Struggle” and toned down the contempt in the title to the simple “Mein Kampf.”
The contempt and hostility today makes me wary, uneasy.  Is electoral democracy just a lie of the weak, put forth out of envy, to subjugate the strong and capable?  This WILL be on the test.

Should political parties exist to handcuff the bright and capable, make them obey a cacophony of conflicting voices of the masses?  Or, like the media does today, shouldn’t parties rather strive to draw the thoughts and actions of the rank-and-file, the herd, the many, into a clear and well-guided direction that benefits all?  Show your work.