Or, the long history of the Modern Present.

For nearly a hundred years, we have seen the remarkable change – the revolution, perhaps – of how nothing has really changed but the labels.

In the late 19th century, America the favored child of countries for what we could create and bring forth what had never happened before. The telephone, the typewriter, the automobile and the airplane are all things that arose in the world from the work of many clever persons, some of whom are well-known, the majority of whom are not at all famous, most of whom were Yanks.

For a hundred years or so, the center of where it’s happening has become the Business and the Brand.  Collective entities, not individual human beings, were defined and named, and endowed with human characteristics such as wisdom, insight and other things which entities cannot possess in any sort of meaningful way.  As “collectivization” has become a dirty word, so has it become an ubiquitous concept.

Can you trust Stanford, the New York Times, Chipotle, Obamacare?  Of course, of course, for they are fictitious entities that we pretend to have character.  They are all conglomerations manipulated by hidden individuals for their own profit.

I find it fascinating that we are dealing with a throwback.  Trump-the-corporation is a named entity that has meaning.  It is owned and controlled by Trump the human.  It reaches back to a tradition of Buick and Westinghouse to find companies whose names convey the identity of the owner or founder.

The revolution brewing today in the US is the revolution of postwar Germany after WWI.  the transnational, the Davoisie, the EU bunch, the jet set are those bigger, faster and clever, those who move in the Big Money channels; those famous for being famous, those who one cannot identify with anything powerful, but with all fringes of power; Gatsby perhaps.

They leave behind in the cloud of the “old days” those who are tied to the soil and people, the Blut und Bauer classes.  Leave them behind in the dustbin of history!  Now, we have Amalgamated Amalgam!  Businesses that do everything, and nothing!

I’m rushing to get on to work – more later.