In the hundred-day pilgrimage of the candidates for President, August is the Silent Month.  Washington has shut down; even the janitors are on vacation.  The only things to be done are to postpone everything which can be ignored, until October, when Summer has completely ended in the District.

It is time for utter subservience and political wrangling as the press sleeps.  The Candidate realizes that nomination has brought no status or power.  It is merely the time to travel about and seek the advice of people who despise you, to build bridges and smile courteously at whomever might get you elected, whether or not they spit at you.

Mr. Trump has disrupted the usual routine; he has done such things as a matter of course, and good for him, partly.  He should be in Xenia, Ohio and Grand Junction Colorado, and the lesser places on the map, kissing babies.

What he has done consistently is to throw raw meat to the cub reporters, stringers and contract newsies of the various agencies.  He has been so inexpert as to drop gaffes that have legs.  The last one, purporting to describe his interest in shooting Mrs. Clinton, is absurd of course; Mr. Trump does not speak in hazy generalities when attacking her.  “Lock her up!” has not transformed into homicidal lust.  However, it’s great press and it takes little rewriting to agitate the clucking roost.

Mr. Trump has done this consistently, nearly on a daily basis.  The Washington Post stringers are writing copy that is usually reserved for the big dogs in October.  Those big dogs are sore that the race might be over before they return from Banff.

The bundles of raw meet seemed to have stopped for the last few days.  The rookies are scratching at the dry, sun-baked soil of the campaign trail, seeking something that’s the usual August fare – the fellow who used to date Ivanka calls Trump a boor.  That sort of stuff.  His dry-cleaning bill exceeding $4000 per month – utter dreck for the newsies, nothing for the readers other than to notice the steady pulse of the Campaigns through August.  This year may continue to be out of balance; or may not.  Putting a cork in the Republican Presidential Candidate seems to have been achieved; how long before the next eruption, nobody knows.