All that progressivism should be, is having the insight to imagine human existence going on in a better or more valuable way, and understanding what it takes to effect the transition.

Using that definition, we can see progressivism in many areas.  Take a look at Koch Industries’ website called “Taking a Stand.”

They state: We want to have an open conversation about removing barriers to opportunity and progress. Our aim is to replace America’s two-tiered, winner-take-all system with one free and open society where all can win.  The only thing remaining is the answer to the question – how might be the best way to accomplish these visions?

If all Americans are given the opportunity to develop and advance their own abilities to progress and prosper, then all are bettered.

  • Unfair and unjustly harsh sentences for low-level and non-violent offenders are destroying lives and families. Reforming our justice system can reduce poverty by as much as 30%, dramatically improving both safety and quality of life throughout society.
  • Yet another barrier is a broken educational system that too often puts special interests first and students second. Educating young minds is essential to well-being and progress.
  • In a free and fair economy, the success or failure of any business should come from the value of the products or services it offers – not from government handouts or bailouts paid for by taxpayers. Yet today, this is precisely how our government politicians pick winners and losers. Doing so impedes innovation and progress and moves us all further away from a society of mutual benefit.
  • Free speech and a culture of humility and toleration allow us to engage, through civil debate, people with whom we disagree. We must try to help and learn from one another, rather than hurt and silence each other.

There are differing ways and methods to accomplish these goals.  What is wrong with this approach?

Consider George Soros’ words for democracy.  His essays include a warning about Vladimir Putin’s autocratic rule in Russia. (link)  Yet, Soros is the ‘leftist’ and the Koch Brothers are ‘right-wing.’  What are we missing?