Orwell was amazingly insightful in adding the Two Minutes’ Hate into the daily lives of the proles in 1984.  The wicked Emmanuel Goldstein is the subject of the rage for all the proles – an organized rage to liberate their primal hatred against The Enemy.

Since most reasons for war are unspeakable, and understood only to the select few of the High Command; but it must be people who do the dying; therefore, there must be a means to excite the people to murderous rage without giving them a rational reason to engage in war.  They, alone, must die in the trenches; they must have a reason.

Limbic Hatred produces the reason for the amazing body counts we can stir up in war.

PTSD is merely the damage that occurs to the human psyche when it experiences an overload, particularly if it involves killing a human being.  Some people, perhaps the majority, lack the characterological capacity to kill other humans.  When they do so, they produce a permanent scar in the psyche.  Other damage can cause PTSD.  Clinically, it is unmistakable, and those rubes that say that it does not exist have not seen it.  They are lucky they have not.

If we do not live in rage, we cannot live in fear.