ProleSpeak is conducted in this way.  People are given the atoms of ProleSpeak, the axioms, the untouchable concept or cluster that cannot be analyzed.  The Russian Military Threat to the Ukraine; the Islamists in Turkey; Brexit, the Negro Problem – always a popular element.

Proles are allowed to express themselves by self-assembling these elements into a coherent whole, whether it be senseless or sensible.  Other proles will recognize the structure, and criticize it favorably or unfavorably.

The Negro Problem, of course, is worsened by Obama, or by Hillary’s lying.  Such ideas cluster almost automatically.

Passive propaganda is old, and now defunct.  People can ignore it.  What is more important is for people to generate active propaganda, and feel as though it is their OWN thought that they are expressing, rather than a pre-assembled litany of rubbish.  If they cannot generate their own rubbish, they can listen to the ignorant talk-show press, and hear the message pre-assembled, so that they can copy it and imagine that it is their own creation.

I think I think, therefore I think I am.