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Yesterday, a little on ProleThink – the entirety of thought processing that we have been taught in our culture.

Where do we learn it?  The young learn it through the formalized school system; and all learn it from infancy through the television, and now through the Internet.

Children come to school, saying – I am here to be awakened!  The schools say – thou shalt be put to sleep, and dream that thou art awakened.

One of the very first things to be taught to a child is the difference between choices and decisions, and how to handle each.  They are entirely opposite things.  ProleThink requires one to blur them into the same concept.


Choices are a finite set of things, often small in number, from which you select one or several elements.  It is an elementary step in examples of statistics and probability –

There are a set of ten balls, five red and five blue.  Without looking, one chooses three balls…

Then one continues with the example.  Choices involve the handling of finite, discrete and completed things.  They exist already.  You choose.


Decisions are acts of will that create something.  The scope of decisions are vast, perhaps infinite.  Picasso, van Gogh, Michelangelo brought forth that which was utterly unknown.  Decisions are far harder and complicated to arrive at, as they require the ultimate of skills that make us human, including creativity, vision, values.

Martin Luther King’s I HAVE A DREAM speech was nothing more than a blueprint of a vast societal creation that he imagined we could arrive at.  Very little of it involved choice.  That which did, was the laying down of arms by the segregationists.  Many White Southerners (and Northerners) chose to do so based on his moral argument.

Our country once had a vast sense of creativity, of planning for the future.  Now, the futurism of the 50’s and before is scorned, sneered at.  Why?


Capitalism and industrial efficiency thrives on choices – that is simply the only way they can exist.  In many areas, this process has created marvelous things – automobiles, airplanes, computers, etc.  Which one do you want?  What’s the one that you can afford?  The skill of technology in providing things that people can choose is awesome.  There is certainly no moral defect in the Capitalist Industrial Retail model for many of the things they make and we want.  Let them keep their profits; they have earned them!

The evil trickles in through the principle of Advertising.  Orwell stated that he constructed Newspeak on the principles of modern American advertising; this was in its infancy in the 1920’s.  How do we get you to want what you do not have, and do not know about?

This puts Advertising, as a construct, to be the instrument of ressentiment.  Slave Morality is predicated upon the hatred of those who have what you do not – power, privilege, and especially things.  A Slave with a new BMW is better than a Slave without.

I wish happiness and joy.  Advertising’s task is to bait you with your wish, and switch your mind to choose a thing that is pre-made and purported to address your wish.  The phrase “money does not bring you happiness” merely asserts a claim that Advertising must refute.

It is working well.  Many Americans are in net debt.  They have no savings; they have accounts of borrowing in which debt far outreaches their ability to pay off.  We have certainly listened to Advertising, and made many choices.  And penury has its price.

Advertisers have a handful of classes – twenty, thirty, perhaps? – into which they shove all people, a pigeonhole.  And they do not do this stupidly.  Many people have learned to behave in the manner befitting their pigeonhole.  They draw their identity from the set of choices that have been programmed to be offered to them.  Join the ACLU?  Join the NRA?  You know what you are supposed to do, citizen.  Advertising has told you.

The loss of the discrimination between choices and decisions is almost complete.  I hear people using the words helter-skelter; they are the same thing.  Worse, the principle of decisions has become moribund in our society.  Nobody will advocate for them, for they involve freedom of mind, rational thought, intelligence and self-will.  These are carefully stamped out in the educational system, and kept at bay in the population.

If we are entertained, we can pretend we learn; what we are learning is how to make the authorized choices.  Neil Postman has written “Entertaining Ourselves to Death” and much of the argument is there.

Four Month’s Hate.

In the Four Month’s Hate, aka the Presidential Election, there is no discussion of ideas which rational persons might weigh; no oratory, no persuasion.  We are not called to weigh rational thought.  Instead, we are excited to determine whom we hate more, the Bitch or the Clown.

We are driven to vote by our repulsion with one more than the other.  By October, everyone wants this thing over – they can’t stand it any more.  They hate both; they vote at the last minute based on which one irrationally tips them in one direction or another.

Both are accused of felonies.  Tons of words are written about why it would be the end of America if He or She becomes President.  The American Presidential Election is all about Choice.

My Profession.

I am a dying breed, the last of the decisionmakers in medicine.  There will still be doctors; there will always be doctors.  The number of stupid mistakes are skyrocketing; doctors are getting worse in the practice of medicine, and it’s not entirely their fault.  We are manufacturing McDoctors, who make choices not decisions.  That can be lethal.

The Pharmacists are players in our organization.  Their task is to block physician Decisions, and render them into choices.  I write for one drug on the formulary.  They block it.  They say – you haven’t tried X drug in another class.  I ask – why?  They say – that’s what it says on Up To Date.  The Authoritative Manual states differently – we are only to choose from that wisdom.

The goal is to make all doctors make choices, independent of experience.  That is slave medicine; that is coming.

I like hydroxyzine.  It has several effects.  I use it, sometimes for one effect, sometimes for another.  I wrote a prescription for it, as it is a proper adjuvant for treating chronic pain.  The McPharmacist in the community refused to fill it, stating “Your doctor made a mistake on the prescription.  This is for itching.”

I wrote for a certain prescription for a fat patient.  The pharmacist refused it, saying that it was too low a dose.  It is dosed on a mg/kg basis.  I wrote back to say that it can be dosed based on circulating blood volume, and showed the calculation why circulating blood volume per kg. is lower in the patient.  The pharmacist refused to change his perspective; I refused to change my order.  The pharmacist canceled my order.

The pharmacist complained to the facility’s medical review board.  I answered with a referenced reply showing why my decision was indicated.  They refused to consider it, and reprimanded me.

YOWSAH!  I’s now the slave of the pharmacist.  Don’t be getting out that whip no mo’ please massah Pharmacist!

I was whipped.  Such is the way of Slave Morality, and too Master Morality.  I’ll talk a bit soon about Master Morality.  But Yowsah Management is a means of confronting people with disrespect and intimidation.  Those under it hate the ruling class, the bosses, the overseers and owners.

A lot of American Black History involves the rise of many free spirits, up and past this morality, to break the myth of Slave culture.  People are not oppressed because they are inferior; they are made inferior, and therefore are oppressed.  And that system imprisons not only the Slave, but the Master.