Much of the McNews focuses again on the endless saga of people being shot.  To be shot, one has to become the target of aim of a shooter; to attract their attention.  If you live in an unsafe world, bumping into lethal threats everywhere, it is best to learn how to become invisible.

The majority of American culture has learned the habits of oppressed people, from the shtetl to the ghetto.  Stay low.

If you are black, fear blue.  If you are blue, fear black.  If you are black and blue, fear everyone.  Nobody’s taken off yet on black cops.  I hope some lunatic’s not plotting that one out as we sit here.

Good cops do what good physicians do; and nobody trains either anymore.  We are expected to perceive the actions of individuals in a professional manner.  A good physician perceives with an empty mind.  No screen should lie between the patient and the physician.  The same, I expect, is true of police.

Being watched by the blind, fearful and powerful is the opposite.  They are looking to seize upon any instance to act, and the action may be inappropriate for the situation – no matter.  There just must be one powerful fact that is needed to drive the action.

Much has come from our inattention and lack of training in the matter of perceiving others.  Both policing and medicine are fields based upon several ancient methods which have fallen out of practice in society.

First, one learns the basis through didactic techniques, which gives one only the ability to learn more by practice techniques and intimate discussion with a mentor; the mature doctor (and perhaps officer) revalues ALL values that do not come from self, and comes up with an individual style of practice.

This is an ancient way of learning, and it depends on the oral tradition.  The technique, and the medium of oral teaching, are long gone.

The university was expensive because it required the presence of the learned to teach the novice.  The expense remains; the learned have scattered into halls where they study the micro-minutiae of their fields.  The university is dead, the college is gone.

It is now a certificate-granting institution, like the ABMS.