BREXIT actually appears to be 50-million Britons jumping off the Machine all at once, and that’s made their masters infuriated.  The EU and the UK each has its own comfy wad of regulations and regulators, in addition to the individual cluster for each area, geographic and jurisdictional – think of the NHS.  Imagine the CMS x 4 independent subregulators.

The average Brit has just turned up her/his nose at the heresy that all goes better when the Wise regulate the machine.  We’re seeing what that means in American healthcare over the last half-dozen years, and it smells bad.  Never mind, try harder, the regulators reassure us.  We are measuring you, and you are the ones failing us.

The ugly, selfish, nationalistic, racist, low-brow backwoods Brit has just done something that they’ve heard from Locke and Jefferson for over 200 years, and from their own branch of political theory.  They’ve shorn off a layer of regulation, bureaucracy and government, and the leadership is wildly angry with them.  Their political system imploded, which shows how invested their political system was in controlling the masses rather than serving them.  (Sound familiar?)  Their finance and economic world’s in a panic, showing how much the F&E boys are leeching off the common populace, and without the proper regulations, the parasites might get knocked off.

It might even help their end-stage health system.  Yes, the mouse has roared, and at a good time for us across the lake.