I’ve seen our State’s civil court system a bit over the last few weeks.  My sense is of great sadness, as though seeing a struggling Third World country trying to establish the rule of law within a corrupt and failed state.  It’s that bad.  I think of Somalia.

PJ O’Rourke wrote a splendid piece on the government, or lack of it, in the face of tribalism and warfare, in a country which has been inhabited by our Homo sapiens and fellow hominids for perhaps six million years.  Against this,we place our agrarian advances, which have been popular there, and our representative democracy, which hasn’t.  Civilization is optional.  We should have learned that by now.  It only works to the degree to which we give it respect.  Here, in my sad little State, we don’t.  The Rule of Law is a hazy masquerade we put on when the adults are watching.