This is medicine in the 21st Century:

  • Too angry? It’s IED, intermittent explosive disorder.
  • Too hungry? It’s BED, binge-eating you a woman with a low sex drive? It’s HSDD, hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD).
  • Having trouble focusing at work? It’s ADHD, adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.
  • Have a frequent urge to urinate? It’s OAB, overactive bladder disorder.
  • Can’t function at some times of the month? It’s PMDD, premenstrual dysphoric disorder.

These are all profitable conditions – things that demand the sale of product.  Like dry and lifeless hair, the experts in the white coats will convince YOU that a purchase of a product is needed.

Retail medicine involves a product sale.  For example, ADHD as defined treats a phenomenon, as does IED..

ADHD link.

Intermittent Explosive Disorder can be called “not acting like a grownup,” which is a realistic description; a reaction to unrelieved and constant lifestyle stress, which is believable, or an aspect of post-traumatic stress disorder (see IED2) Perhaps 10% of the incarcerated population has IED, which is no excuse or relief to the victims.

 American Diseases are clubs to belong to nowadays, like the clubs of perfectly mobile people with Handicapped Placards.  I give them out to people who struggle to get around, and they can’t shop if they have to get to the store from the regular parking lot.  But instead, the spaces are blocked by those who consider the Placard as some sort of Merit Badge for Asshole.  They earned, they qualified to be SPECIAL.  Their specialness allows them to inconvenience genuinely crippled people.  No matter.

I have one patient with an unfortunate rare genetic disease, which has picked her up into membership of a tribe.  We X’s are like this; we are different from the regular population in such-and-such a way.  I realize that tribalism is probably the downfall of our species.  But, no, we can be special.

The Low-Tea Club is for men who aren’t as youthful as when they were young.  They need a zap of special hormones to make them jazzy.Low-Tea  The Low-Tea Club allows you to become an old person who looks and thinks more like a young person.  They don’t realize that every modification, every designer drug that makes you different from the way you are, runs the peril of erasing your individuality.  Antidepressants, antipsychotics and diabetic medications fall into this category as well, in fact.  But we only treat THOSE conditions because they cause pathology that injures the person, not simply because they can be treated.

But the more people are treated with drugs, the higher the profit.  So diseases must be addressed that are not really diseases, after all.

See more at Lowering The Bar. I am shocked to find this much truth on the internet; I await this site’s being suppressed.