This is one of the sayings that belongs on the epitaph of medicine.  It has led to a recitation of gibberish, “templates” that recite what ought to be done, and all sorts of legal nonsense.

And it is inherently impossible to achieve.  Among Zeno’s Paradoxes is the principle that if there are two points, beginning and end, there is a midpoint between them.  Progressing from the start to the midpoint, one sees again a midpoint that can be achieved; and so on.  One can never proceed to the point at end of the line.

To document a real occurrence, there will always be elements which can be expanded upon.  If there is no ability to assume the usual and standard care is being taken, then everything must be document, or it’s not done.  If one describes, suture by suture, a surgery, the objection can be raised that none of these sutures were done CAREFULLY.  Or in a sterile fashion.  And so on.

This concept is worthless and toxic.  It can be used to prove failure in every situation.  It should be trashed.