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We’ve seen a wave of tremendous demand for an exemplum of PIROMA™ management from the get-go.  PIROMA, (a trademarked brand of PIROMA™ Analysis, LLC), is simply a catalytic implementizer of radical defenestration of realignment in the analysis industry of healthcare.

PIROMA™ is an acronym for Patient-centered, Imbecile-driven, Recursively analytical, Operationally Measurement-guided Analysis. And quality. There’s some quality in there. But it makes the acronym sound stupid.  Now you need to put in a “U” or it sounds Arabic.  Skip that.

The original acronym 1.0 was “Pulled It Right Out My Ass.” That was replaced by the current V 1.1, which is under development.

The heart of PIROMA™ invigorates stochastic verbigeration, tightly coordinated with just-in-time cataphasia to reinvigorate catalyze effect dynamic change in siloed mediocrity.  PIROMA™ IS process-driven disruptive innovation, clearing the table at the end of the day to break through the clutter, empowering stakeholders into a win-win posture.

In turn, PIROMA™impacts the leverage of all proactive players going forward, to foster synergy outside the box.

PIROMA™ is proven to streamline the process view from 30,000 feet, bringing to the table a new normal, in a win-win fashion for all players.

The underlying motivation of PIROMA™ Analysis, LLC, was a breakaway concept from client-centered primary care, which was me, to gain visibility into process using a holistic approach, one February, when my god-damned 2005 Ford Fiesta blew its coolant out while I was trying to back out of a snow-covered driveway, and I realized that Primary Care wasn’t paying me enough to keep my Detroit Steel running for long enough to clear the car payment. When my nephew skips his Ritalin and quetiapine, he emanates superb business jargon. Don’t laugh. I drive a Beemer now.  Usually nobody reads this far into the reports I churn out for $50 sweet K, in between my trips to the Caribbean.  So, next to smuggling nose candy, this gig is the best-paying job I can think of, while Organized Medicine goes tits-up.