Government is eternal, we’ve all got that figured out.  How does government, like cancer, avoid self-regulation?

Bureaucracies live in the eternal cycle of:

  1. Failure
  2. Ideas
  3. Mandates

They are like the very rudimentary nervous systems of primitive animals.  They process defined input, do a small amount of logical connection, and cause a response to occur.  Think sensory nerves, brain and motor nerves, only one that acts by the shuffling of paper, and you have a very useful snapshot of the neurology of bureaucracy.

Failure. Bureaucracies flourish when a crisis is at hand. On the other hand, the few bureaucracies which have quietly accomplished their mission – such as the Civil Aeronautics Board – have gone to the boneyard.  Crises are mandatory for bureaucratic survival.  There is no memory contained in the nervous center of a bureaucracy; if the failures are directly attributable to the own agency itself failing recently, that is no matter.  Bureaucracies excel in the pointing of fingers and the displacement of blame.  All failures are de novo.

If there is no crisis, one must be generated, for them to expand their command authority, for that is what they do.  There is no need to worry if the crisis of Obamacare is genuine. It is. Bureaucrats exist for feeding the power loop of failure, ideas and mandates. Without failure, there is no need for senior bureaucrats to take command.  Conversely, without failure, there is the risk of the media actually probing into the workings of governmental bureaucracy.  Give them a scandal to chase, give them gross human misbehavior, sex and death, and they will readily bob off to an exciting new, content-free story.

As we see from above, something must fail, and the current system of overloading the point-of-care until it fails works splendidly. Genuine medical problems are frequently missed due to the onerous weight of crapwork required in a visit. Get the vaccination done, miss the tumor.

And without quality-checking and failure-monitoring, there is always a chance that an experienced and competent professional will not miss the tumor.  That is catastrophic to the quality team.  Why, without abject failure to prevent, what’s the use of having a quality team?  Or lean management, or six-sigma, or PIROMA?

[PIROMA™ is an integrated, DADA-based logical management construct that stands for “Pulled It Right Out My Ass.”  PIROMA is a trademarked innovated self-actualizing management process which is lean and forward-looking, forward-thinking too, based on buzzword-sampling approach to indolent leadership. Please await a column on PIROMA management.]

Direct Primary Care threatens bureaucratic control – the quality measurement instrument is only each individual patient!  What makes a patient think they can state something about the quality of their care?

Ideas. Ideas are the inevitable product of a bureaucracy confronted by failure. It is what goes on in their virtual brain when they sense the stimulus of failure.  Government flourishes under the premise that failure is due to lack of ideas, not failure of diligence in crafting methods for what is already understood. They live in the industrial world of PRODUCT, and have no mind for PROCESS.

For example: the presence of addictive mu-agonists in societies – opiate, narcotics – is nothing new. Opiates have been in human society far longer than the written word has existed. Let me repeat that. Opiates have been in human society far longer than the written word has existed. There is no new solution for opiates in society. The fact that celebritards can readily bully their way through the existing drug laws to obtain lethal amounts of stupid-candy, shows a problem with society not with mu-receptor agonists. But there will be a flood of IDEAS about opiates. If Prince Rogers Nelson died of an overdose of stupid-candy, there will be a lynch mob formed against doctors prescribing opiates, and more people will suffer from it.

Mandates. Bureaucracies are inherently fascist, in the same way that the big cats are inherently carnivores. They can, of course, be given synthetic nutrients in a zoo. But killing and eating prey is their nature. Read Max Weber – bureaucracies and fascism are merely two arms of the same beast.

Mandates are issued by people who do not understand what, if any, the nature of the failure is, and presume ignorance on the part of the assembly line workers. These ignorant chumps doing things need more instruction! Thus, we see, for instance, all the cigarette tax money going to high-dollar Madison Avenue national firms, to manufacture billboards and craft slick ads to tell the mules that SMOKING IS BAD! And, if the carrot doesn’t work, the stick should make up for it. Make more mandates for doctors to not prescribe opiates!! Beat the bad doctors, send them to jail!! But don’t allow them the authority to say “no” to a patient in a clinic – that’s bad business, bad doctors!

Failure, ideas and mandates are the eternal circle of the bureaucrat, the metastatic disease that they inevitably become. So now, Marilynn Tavenner shows up to scream failure at the wreckage she has already made? That bothers you? That is the life-cycle of the Washington parasite – shrieking about ‘failure’ so as to be selected to join the bureaucracy, and then merrily joining the bureaucracy to create more wreckage. I’ll bet that the Tavenner family have not fretted about the payments on their vacation house(s) or where the kiddos go to school. That’s for the people in flyover land.

Look at the Pentagon – it’s a house of bureaucrats with prettier suits (which, incidentally, we pay for too.) They have been in business since 1947 Has anyone fretted over the Pentagon shutting down and losing influence, as we have had infrequent wars and lost our Cold-War threats? Are worried commanders faxing their resume for distribution, furtively calling around for jobs? Don’t worry about it!
What the Pentagon had in 1947 and the great Homeland Security started in 2002, Obamacare is only in its infancy. Bring it on!