It is not the advancement of fascism in the eye of the media, in the Important States, which matters.  It is the advancement here in Flyover Land that should be watched.

The paradox of American parochialism helps cloak the advance of fascism.  In Iowa, the farmer may read the New Yorker, and know of the debates in Washington and the trends in San Francisco.  Those in the Important Cities know nothing of Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming, other than a few sentences memorized in civics class years ago, and vague recollection.  Therefore, fascism may advance unabated in the Nowhere Lands.

The State of New Mexico will post photographs of its citizens who have been arrested for drunk driving.  We all have been conditioned to such a degree that if the State or the Media has said something, it must be so; and especially in the matter of an Individual.

Contempt for the individual is the hallmark of Fascism.  Obedience of the outlier is a great burden for Parties, States and Armies to carry.  Those who do not concur risk the label of Terrorists – those who do not blend into the great homogeneity of approved thought.

Republicans and Democrats of the ancient days would have looked aghast ant the public pillorying of the accused.  It is – any epithet would fit.  Communist!  Nazi thought!  all sorts of denunciations of the once-believed ‘innocent until proven guilty’ platitude that once ruled America.

Now, go to the electronic Coliseum and stone the accused – who, after all, are all but guilty!  The State tells us so, right there in the accusation!  The State makes the Laws, the State should know who is guilty!

We instinctively denounce and have contempt for any individual American who is lit by the bright light of investigation.  How bad they are – what a rat!

We are a crucible for purifying Fascist thought.  All that is needed is a Leader; we can manufacture one ourselves.  We have gone 90% down the path.  All that is needed is a Fuehrer.