Signs of pathological processes come from the derangement of normal physiological mechanism.

Here is a sample list of systems that can be used to produce a more exhaustive differential diagnosis:

  1. Congenital
  2. Infectious
  3. Vascular
  4. Metabolic
  5. Endocrinologic
  6. Autoimmune
  7. Neoplastic
  8. T’s (Trauma/toxic).

You may just remember them in the list (I have) or use a mnemonic.  Here are a few possible mnemonics to recall.  None is very compelling:

  • Anemic Tv
  • Cave Mint
  • Cinema Tv
  • Enact Vim
  • Iceman Tv
  • Man Civet
  • Civet Man
  • Man Evict
  • Manic Vet
  • Maven Tic
  • Mica Vent
  • Vat Mince