And other American negotiation strategies.

We seem to lead with all human interactions, offering a wall of hostility and aggression.  We approach strangers with disdain.  Why?  Why do we lead off almost every interaction in this country with hostility and disrespect?  How have we been trained to do this?  That prejudicial interactions permeates many approaches of a few of my medical patients patients – fortunately, a small minority of them in my field.  I hear that in Pediatrics, it’s much more the norm to have a hostile, aggressive and discourteous parent angrily disrespecting a doctor.

Perhaps these are patients who have felt mistreated in the healthcare system, I can understand that.  But the trick to the corporate mindset in America is that the Brand loves me, the Salesperson doesn’t.  Individuals should be abused, intimidated, mistreated, alienated, and ostracised until they complain to the Corporate Office, which will kindly bend the rules to see it their way.

It’s a scam.  The reason that the nice Congressperson can intervene to help you out, is rigged that way.  If you have to confront Authority as an indignant penitent, begging the favor of intervention, well – who’s in charge of the show?  If the VP for Product Quality in Indiana can feel your pain, isn’t it because the system is set up to discourage the other 99% who are frustrated, and give up along the way?  You are the one-in-a-hundred who has taken the time out to gripe successfully.  It’s a rigged game. 

PS:  The VP for Product Quality is a shill, anyhow.  Anyone who has to deal with customer complaints is not much of a mover and shaker.  They just gather statistics to beat up on their employees in your National Sub-District, anyhow.  The real owners don’t care if you are satisfied, or dead.

How have we come to put Corporatism into the lead in all our affairs?

 I get phone calls from family members of dismayed patients who sat through the interview unblinking without a comment – and then went back to Mommy or Granddaughter to complain that they are unhappy with their treatment.  It is hard to respect these folks, but I suppose they are well trained in our Snitch’n’Bitch society.  Don’t confront, complain.  I’ve just had one family member who had a gripe about how I treated their beloved – but the family member didn’t attend the patient visit in the first place!  If Daddy can’t partner up in the clinic with the willing provider, how can we get good care?

I welcome your thoughts.