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The Day of Wrath, part of the old Latin Funeral Mass of the Catholic Church; and a brilliant composition by Mozart for his Requiem Mass, a piece ironically unfinished because of his own death.  Here on Youtube.

Inasmuch as we are all mortal, the song is sung for us all.  But I hear it playing for our American culture.  What is unsustainable, stops, and I see the coming collapse from unsustainability coming down the pike, nearer and nearer.  What was once a distant shadow of the Götterdämmerung, our Ragnarök -a setting-aside and rebuilding of our culture as wide-sweeping as the rise of Nazism in Germany – is closer than it might seem.

A previous generation, now, has kicked the can down the street, and the United States survives on the printing of bogus money, while avoiding inflation by tricks to prop up our fiat currency.  As in Germany, hyperinflation is the market’s process of seizing and absconding with “savings” tucked away by the small-rich and middle class.  The national debts will be payed off by the theft of savings and earning from the thrifty.

The current generation has no means of establishing savings – it is inconsequential to them.  People in debt have no threat from hyperinflation; instead, it washes away debts, a welcome thing.

The kicking of the can down the road has crippled the opportunities for success of the later generations.  The finest weapons of war that we splurged on in the 80’s and 90’s are now twenty years old, rusty and obsolete – and still not paid off.

If there is a generational war, it will result in the development of Fascism.  We are acclimatized to the tolerance of fascism, much more than our parents and grandparents.  The News delivers the event, the names of the guilty and their proposed punishment, all neatly pre-determined.  We flit about, saying that we mistrust Government and wish the Budget to be balanced; after thirty-six years or so, we have only gone backwards, making larger government and a larger debt; we are hypocrites.

The next generations of Americans may call us on it; and that will be ugly.  We may slide to the depths of the post-Soviet Russian economy.  By we, I mean the USA in particular; the rest of the West may do better.

Certainly, our medical standard of care is plunging – I suspect we will wind up slightly worse than Turkey’s medical system, not that bad in the cities, not so hot in the countryside.  Our medical system has become aggressively parasitized by non-participants, on the certainty that people will not withhold money when it comes to medical care; and our system is bloated.

Currently, the WHO has our medical services in the US ranked above Slovenia, but not as good as Costa Rica.  I see us winding up down between Belize and Nicaragua.

We may not see the free-fall; it is well disguised.  But the situation is ripe for inter-generational revolution, much more so than during the tumultuous 1960’s.  It is no coincidence that most of the “homeland security” spending has equipped the heartland with military-grade weapons.  Why else would Indianapolis, Dubuque and Schenectady need high-tech equipment to suppress riots – what, will ISIS strike Iowa City in force?

When the sense of ownership of the government diminishes, and the average person becomes effectively disenfranchised, the ground becomes ripe for Fascism.  We have done so over thirty or forty years, and the news media fusses over Trump, whom I do not believe to be a Fascist, but who speaks like the common man, blue-collar, frustrated and feeling helpless, who might turn towards Fascism to solve our ills.  Trump cannot make us Fascist; he is only fairly politically uninformed, not vile like the Nazi thug machine.

But he is a symptom.