The Federal Department of Transportation really impresses.

They started to take a ‘tude towards how some physicians did the DOT physicals and filled out the mandatories on the paperwork.  Like every other bureaucratically-driven thing, the physicals began to expand into absurd areas not related to driving a big-rig.

The DOT decided they could be a Medical Board, and license physicians, too!  The Federal DOT will not permit examinations from non-approved physicians any more.

To be “approved” requires the sending of money to the DOT, and jumping through the required hurdles.  The process is a nuisance.  The cost is high.  This cost is passed onto the consumers, and the providers can be regrettably high-handed.

My patient, for instance, was told that the DOT requires persons with stents to be certified BY CARDIAC CATHETERIZATION to be low-risk.  When?  EVERY TWO YEARS.  Who’s going to pay for these hazardous and expensive interventions?  Who’s going to keep a CDL going? Could this be a pinhead provider?  Possibly.

Who can be an examiner?  The entire rainbow of healthcare providers, including chiropracticals.