Doesn’t sound like an alarm for the presence of Fascism, but it is.

In a democracy, when citizens see something that is busted, they change it.  When citizens see something that is busted in a tyranny, they have nothing they can do about it.  They can point fingers in outrage – but nobody cares.  Go ahead, citizen, huff and puff.  Blow wind about it – blog about it.  You can do nothing.

Are you kidding me?  is the question the powerless ask the powerful.  The powerful are going to get what they want.  If something seems irrational, it only does so because you are powerless to fix it.

Are the powerful aware of the sh*t-grenade that is American healthcare?  Yes, of course!  They aren’t stupid!!  They just see it as progressing exactly according to plan.  It is.