I am slightly disoriented by this concept.  The phrase evokes an unsettled feeling – like the forest of Aokigahara, a wild rainforest northwest of Mount Fuji, covered with moss and dense with trees, a forest which is also a popular place for suicide.  You may walk through its spooky depths to the Ice Cave without any oddities; or you may see a sack hanging from a tree afar, that turns out to be a corpse.  Spooky.

Corporate has offered an EMR Camp, intended to evoke the warm feelings of Scout Camp, Boo-Boo and Jellystone National Park, all the common motifs of the summer and relaxation.  It will be casual, they said – a couple of days of a “refresher” course on the EMR, for a few doctors and staff – selected, of course, from the pool of those whose “billing errors” cost the Company more than the cost of the contractor’s training fee.

Being older, I see Camp and think also Lager – not only the luscious beer, but also the word that means Camp in German.  Stammlager, the prisoner of war camps –Konzentrationslager, an even worse place – and so on.  EMR-Lager, we shall go there.  The dress is casual, and we drive back and forth to the camp – no chance of running into Jason there.  Still, it is unsettling…

The Purpose of EMR Camp

These selected are providers who has committed unbillables too often.  Whether or not they are providing decent care, that’s not the purpose – in fact, the purpose of re-education is to teach them that providing decent care and committing unbillables are not at all related.

It is ethics camp.  When one bogs one’s self down with such questions as “what is in the best interest of the patient?”  such things alarm the leadership.  It shows that you have some sort of idolatry, some private and strange religious belief that you are willing to cling to, in spite of listening to the very company that hires you!

Those jihadi bastards that we are fighting in the Middle East – they alarm us, not because they have a foreign religion, for we stand for the freedom of religion.  But they have an UNREASONABLE religion, one that simply can’t do.  They cling to certain details, here and there, when presented with an alternative – a point of view that we, who are wiser and self-knowledgeable, find primitive.  It’s not about beliefs, it’s about growing up and doing what you are told!

The timing is just all wrong, too.  Next week, Muslims revere Isa – one of the many unwashed prophets of the Koran who defied civilized authority, and gave rise to a splinter group called Abd’ Injeel.  And they are still at it!  You can point to lines from their Holy Book, and show them the wrongs they are committing – it’s like they cannot think for themselves.  Isa said… and you are doing the opposite!  But in the face of such stubborn ignorance, what else is to be done?  Any reasonable person from a rational, thinking culture must throw up one’s hands in exasperation.


p style=”text-align:justify;”>But let’s get back to EMR Camp, and away from the idiots in the Middle East.  Often, those of my fellow providers who are culled for re-education have many customer complaints.  The most alarming complaint is that the clerk has not offered eager and timely service.  The client may lie and spin all sorts of stories to the Leadership, who is burdened with yet one more complaint about the problem clerk, YOU.  Can’t you get it together?  Do you belong to some mysterious “cult of the patient,” that you won’t budge from?

[To be continued]