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  1. Liberal legislature expands Medicaid to cover 40% of a state’s population on Medicaid.
  2. Conservative governor signs budget that falls short of anticipated needs by about $85 Million over the next 16 months.
  3. Considering matching funds, state’s Medicaid shortfall expected to be $417 Million over the next 16 months.
  4. Shortfall exceeds $200,000 PER PROVIDER in the state – including all licensed physicians, whether primary care or specialists.
  5. Local hospital corporation will have to reduce costs by $50 million due to the state’s Medicaid shortfall by not filling vacant jobs and not recruiting physicians.
  6. Reduced reimbursement rates for providers and hospitals to make up the difference.

The way the numbers add up, if all local doctors pay in $50,000 per capita for the honor of seeing Medicaid patients, then the system can break even.


Salaries for employees with prescribing rights who can independently see patients for primary care will be capped at about $40,000 per year.  That means licensing some classes of healthcare workers who make less than about $40,000 per year.

EMT’s are perfect.  They make a median salary of $20,000-$30,000 per year.  They are licensed in healthcare.  A short license course could get them lawfully issued prescribing licenses, if the state will allow it.  Unless the selfish intermediate providers who make into the hundreds of thousands a year, complain.  Shame on them.

You saw it here first.

PS:  Our local dimwit rag rejoices that the local hospital corporation facing bankruptcy is opening a new division out-of-state.  The dimwit daily exults that we are now exporting intelligence from our state, can-do rather than canned goods.  But our state exporting intelligence is like Kuwait exporting ice.  Ain’t much here.  What’s going on is that the Local Hospital Corporation’s facing certain bankruptcy, and is working on a back door ditch’n’run policy into another state with less exportable intelligence.  Good luck with that, stupid is the breed standard for Americans these days.