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It’s a rare day, and it should be a special one.  Coming once every four years, we should make it a national holiday of reflection and contemplation, to think of where we are, as person, culture and country, and what we hope to accomplish by the next February 29.



Instead, we are thick into the Presidential Election Derby.  Super Tuesday occurs tomorrow.  That is when the vastly uninformed gather to vote on what their impressions are of a person who makes his living by selling impressions.

In sunrise contemplation, I think I shall write in Teller for President, and  Penn Jillette for Vice-President.  I would prefer Teller to Penn Jillette, as Teller has the unique habit of shutting up most of the time.  He has never said anything stupid on stage.

He has a deep interest in the neuroscience of attention, distraction and deception.  He comes out on the side of the angels for this; the Pack of Candidates are on the other side.

If you can’t go for Teller, consider writing in Penn Jillette.  Worse candidates have appeared.  He actually has spent time contemplating politics and government.  I don’t think he’s considered running for the Presidency, and probably would be offended.  That’s the kind of person our citizen Founders wanted to lead us.

Teller and Penn also hav the anachronistic belief that individual humans are meant to be rational, and that deluding or misleading them is fine for entertainment purposes, but is unkind and manipulative when done for selfish gain.  Penn is a Libertarian, and appears to be an Objectivist, but without the nit-wit perspective held by most Randians.

He can tolerate Glenn Beck.

That’s about enough for me to choose a preferred candidate.  Pick one, any one.