Look at the vital signs.

Is it normative to engage in criminal behavior?  There’s a simple test for you.

In healthy societies, it is NOT NORMATIVE to engage in CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR.  It doesn’t much matter whether it’s a libertarian society, or a kind police state like Singapore.  CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR is that which is obviously wrong.

When the society and government itself are sick and messed-up, things are defined as CRIMES which are not obviously so, and the populace lives in fear of arbitrary accusation and arrest.  I’m not talking about these sort of places, although we may be living in one.

I have trained to prescribe medicines that have great potential to harm; most of which are dangerous and often fatal in overdose.  Our society has restricted the empowerment of possession of these substances to people with certain training.

Patients often come in with an agenda of expecting a certain DRUG.  I find that when patients speak about SYMPTOMS, they are talking about an ILLNESS.  When they talk about a DRUG, they frequently care only about the DRUG.

I despise the improper use of controlled substances.  I do not engage in them or become a party to such activity.  In a normal world, such an opinion would be the healthy and shared opinion of all honest citizens.

Addiction itself is the business of medicine and law.  Impaired behavior, especially premeditated impaired behavior, is dangerous and wrong within society.  The topic of why addicts are addicts is the business of those who specialize in such things.  To the rest of society, these people represent a peril, and their behavior is justly criminalized.

Sadly, I would say that in our society, these assertions might be open to dispute.  Public intoxication which represents public endangerment is usually a premeditated wrong, very often a crime.

When a turn away a person for improperly soliciting narcotics, OUR society does…nothing.  Very often these people are psychopaths, antisocials, all that sort, who have no respect for the meeting as a healthcare interaction; they just want drugs.  It offends me, I turn them away.

In our society, that in turn offends THEM.  Our society reacts impulsively to THAT offense.  Note we have broken the term in half – a CRIMINAL OFFENSE is not an “offense,” whereas refusing a solicitation for felony behavior is “offensive.”  Parse that sentence, get the gist of it, and you understand that our civilization is flatlining.

These people often have lived in prison, and live by threats and harassment.  I have never been in prison, and I do not live by threats and harassment.  These people are stubborn, and can select out victims for harassment and abuse.  Society does nothing to get rid of such parasites.  I am uncomfortable and frightened by bullying, but our society does not respect me, as a doctor, to protect me from antisocials.

Who is dominant, who is more respected by this society or civilization?  The answer is right there.

Paradoxically, I suggest that all controls be lifted on DEA-controlled substances, preferably on a time when I can go on a month’s vacation out of the country.  Let ALL the fools who wish to go off and be fools, let them go!  It will be no worse than most civil wars, and afterwards, we can pick up the wreckage and start over.

Remember – in some places, communities and towns, nothing – absolutely NOTHING – would happen.  Places with unbridled criminal activities will erupt.  Is that worth OUR precious time and attention to avoid?