I opened up the internet today to see that Justice Anton Scalia died.  Sic transit gloria mundi, and all that, and our country could become a white-hot political battlezone over the next year.

Evidently the Senate has drawn the Line in the Sand that Obama’s done with appointing Supreme Court judges.  The Court has become highly politicized, and the spectrum is viewed based on their political leanings of jurisprudence, not on their legal theories.

I actually didn’t have much to say for Scalia; I found him an instinctive Statist.  He always had snarky things to say about individual rights, but when it came to government discretion and privacy and such, hey, the Gov’t is the Big Dog.  Scalia’s done some harm in the jurisprudence of individual rights to benefit institutional and government rights.Piranga_olivacea1

He’s been an anchor for the Right since Reagan appointed him in 1986.  I find his originalist views a bit narrow.

But – De mortuis nihil nisi bonum dicendum est – roll the dice, and wait for the Conspiracy Theory to unfold (Was Dick Cheney there?  Those two hunted a lot together.  Perhaps he was mistaken for a scarlet tanager.)

If anything, Scalia was a power-chaser, a Jersey kid who wanted to make it in the Big Boys club, and a lot of his balance showed, not as liberal vs. conservative, but empowering the powerful at the expense of flyover zone.  That bugs me.

.For political junkies, this is some China White.  Will Obama rescue Hillary by offering her a seat on the bench if she drops out of the Presidential race?  Would she take it?