I finished the last batch of the (soft) root beer, which was luscious but not carbonated very much.

Day before yesterday, I set up for another soft drink root beer fermentation.  Sucrose produces CO₂ at 110 cc/mole.  I put in ¼ of that amount – enough for ¼ mole of CO₂, which is about 5 liters of CO₂.  That’s about 5:1 v:v of CO₂/water – a tremendous volume of CO₂, but the appropriate amount to carbonate up a beverage to the usual strength.

It came up firm, so I’d put it in the fridge yesterday evening.  It’s got a significant wall turgor – I hate to imagine the internal pressure, but it’s in a PTFE bottle.  Those have caused the renaissance of home soft drink manufacture.  Glass bottles blow up.

Let’s see what the next few days bring.  I added ¼ tsp. wintergreen, half that of sarsaparilla bark, and 3 tsp. vanilla extract; that should balance the flavor.  And 1 tbsp. of Gnome extract.  11g of EtOH per 1.25 liters, for the obnoxious (see the snitch posting).  That’s not high enough EtOH content to bar most conscientious Muslims from root beer (see the snitch posting.)