We have become conformist in the pretense of freedom, and we have become aggressively competitive in the name of competition.

  • Freedom is not a selection of pre-approved choices – it is the ability to think independently, individually, and to generate our own ideas, not simply to pick an attractive package from the shelf.
  • The proper venue for competition is against one’s self, for the attainment of the summit of one’s values.  Values are natural concepts formed by honest and genuine education, and refined by living a free life.  Aggressive competition – with cheating encouraged – is what we have substituted as our standard.  Winning is everything, and “winning” merely means the attainment of an externally-defined goal at all costs.  Rather than being the best, one seeks to be awarded the label of “the best,” even if it is fraudulent.
  • Theology and morality, properly followed, is the private pursuit of conscience – a conscience formed from within, and a connection with God, if one believes in God.  It is intensely private, and allows for no moral weighing of others’ souls on the scale.

Nietzsche  discussed “ressentiment” in religion – the slave morality, the need to judge and force others into conformity with external, unchosen, illogical morality.  It could well be our society’s motto.

It is “The Brand of God,” which phonies such as the bogus Islam groups use to cloak themselves in some sort of religiosity; which both sides used in the ghastly and gruesome Crusades, to kill in the name of a peaceful God.  There is no pretense of logic connecting the Brand of God with any sort of theological or moral concept.  It is merely a branding.

Many people enjoy and tolerate such branding as the equivalent of actual religious philosophy.  It is off-the-shelf, and perhaps has a product picture vaguely emotive of God on the box.  It is not, and has never been, anywhere near God.

I had heard that if the roads diverge between Truth and God, always select the path to Truth; for in fact, God does not reside up the pathway that leads away from Truth.