A childhood delight of mine, root beer.  I tried making it from concentrate, using Gnome Rootbeer Extract, cane sugar and Red Star Premier Cuvée Yeast.  I decided to ferment it in lager conditions at 10°C.  After placing the batch in 2 x 2L bottles, one of which was filled at normal dimensions, and another filled “squeezed” to allow for expansion, I set it up for 48 hours.

The normal bottle, which was to be carbonated briefly, showed a bit more turgor, and I unscrewed it just enough to allow it to hiss and decarbonate.  It did not have much of a head, so I put it back in der Eislager.

Displeased with the slowness of the lager ferment, I warmed the squeezed bottle to 20°C, and then a 30°C bath.  The squeezed bottle quickly filled to a flabby fullness.  By some method I do not understand, the bubble lined stayed at the top of the bottle, rather than dropping with CO₂.  I don’t quite get that.