It’s time to churn on a bit with the Cultural Collapse of Medicine, now the 2016 model.

Industrial Manufacturing & Marketing Model

America has a queer and ignorant nostalgia for the revolutionary decades between 1870 and 1920, when the American lifestyle exploded into cars, airplanes, radios and publications, typewriters and business theory, the massive movement of raw materials to produce an awesome bounty of all aspects of life, from the plow and the fertilizer, now both supplied by the factory; to the autos and aeroplanes; the maturing of the railroad and the movement of vast fleets of materials and products across the country, delivered with in days of whenever they were needed.

The modern America of 1970 was merely driven to its high-water-mark by the momentum of the Miracle Age.  That time can be figured as the high-water-mark of American political thought, as well.  It was the first and last time we wrestled with great ideas of civilization and the future.  Since then, we have slowly coasted to a halt.

21st Century Futurism

If there is a futurism in the 21st century, it is oddly familiar.  It looks little different than the Futurism at the start of the 20th century.  But things thought to be possible back then have shown themselves to be dismal impossibilities; things such as Communism, which once had an optimistic and benevolent purpose, but showed itself to be fatally crippled by its premises.  A Communist in 1870 could have a clear conscience; one in 1970, hardly so.  But that is true of many other ideas of society and government.  Our Futurism is merely a retreaded Archaism, peddling the threadbare Futures of a century ago, which have been long washed up.

Fordism, Taylorism, and even to some degree Communism, have blended together in America’s grim plan for Tomorrow.