I wonder if one method of behavior is hard-wired into human existence – it seems so stereotypical.  It is closely aligned with the tribal habits of humanity.

It is posited that all Reality – that is, all things that are not consistent with some set of ideal beliefs – are that way because of the degeneracy of human nature in following the rules of righteousness.

It confounds and corrupts religions all over.  It is the Dogma of Contempt.  We see it as recently as the construction of Meaningful Use tests for physicians.  What is postulated is that the machines are superior, and the meat-products that use them are inferior.  This is merely the new face of Orthodox Religion, which invests the Good in what is algorithmic.  Whatever the God-Way is decreed to be, the weak humans will have to be punished into obedience to attain the Ideal.

The concept of accomplishing some task is discarded – The Right Way is embraced, and slavishly followed.  The presumption is that people are unworthy, and will not achieve Correct Behavior unless instilled with fear and punishment.  Cruelty is Control used with nobler intent.

The saga of the American Indian is an open book in history of the exercise of this philosophy.  Individual and social genocide were completed for most tribes.  The rest were left shattered, and without an organizing culture more sophisticated that “You suck.  So do what I say.”

Cruelty, for whatever rational reason is given for its implementation, is driven by an unconscious fear of the Other, the Different.  I fear that this Fear of the Other is hard-wired into human nature.  The victims are no less likely to have the same malignant human tendencies than the oppressors – often ,the roles even switch.

The question is whether these malignant habits can be set aside, for the virtue of preserving humanity itself.