I am waiting with bated breath for our State’s opinion on the question of aid-in-dying.  I cynically expect the Medical New Order to screw this up either way it goes.

Aid-in-dying is the euphemism for giving a dying patient a lethal cocktail which (s)he may ingest at any time that they wish to end their life peaceably.  Seconal is proposed as a special agent – many other suffice.  This question has been churning through the courts for barely three years – it is on the fast track.

YES:  How will we keep industrial medicine from setting a clock on their patients, their insured, so that when the end is (by definition) near, grandma can be persuaded to transition on to another astral plane?  Will simple loneliness be diagnosed as a terminal illness?

NO: How will we stop the legal machine from peeking over the shoulder of the physician at end-of-life, and counting the oxycodones in the bottle?  Are prescriptions of 120 tablets an indication of lethal intent?  Of 180?  240?  After the demise of the beloved, how many relatives might recall that the doctor pressured the patient to take a lethal dose of medication – especially if there’s a lawyer helping their memory?

[What’s the difference between memantine and lawyers?  Well, neither one particularly works hard, both are fairly expensive, but lawyers can do a lot more to help a plaintiff’s memory than memantine.]