There’s always been an undercurrent of ruthlessness and rowdiness in the American culture.  One of the pastimes that is an American sport is to fleece the rube, the sucker, shake down the fool.

We have no mercy in our interactions, just contempt.  If you’re too stupid, we assert, then you have no business with money or property or whatever.

It’s taken its toll.  We cannot trust our own instincts – someone might be scamming us.  We turn to Institutionalized Authority to License Quality.  That’s the biggest scam of all.  It’s a License to Print Money for the Institutionalized Authority.

Many of the Medical Specialty Boards seem utterly bored by the improvement and refinement of their “members.”  The “membership” is just a source of filthy lucre.  Boards have been convicted of selling their answers to companies, which of course, exist for the purposes of “training the physician” for the boards.

There has been a creation of this moneyball circuit within the scope of universities, boards and other “authorities” to suck up the ready cash of the “certified” membership, to rent the franchise of whatever the board claims ownership of.  MOC – maintenance of certification – is just an improvement on the cash flow numbers for Boardco, Inc.