I am a physician.  The VA system can be fixed.  The theory of fixing it is not complex.  The cause that broke it is hard to reverse.
In traditional ground action, an army is composed of organizations of individuals who find and fight the enemy, and are supplied and supported to do so.  Without individual soldiers, there is no Army, but at best a militia.
The fighting takes place at the point of contact, and is largely decided by the readiness of the individuals, and in sufficient numbers to prevail.  At the point of contact, the superior officers disappear behind the fog of war.  There is only combat at the point of contact.
This much is perfectly analogous to medical care; the objectives and nature of contact are of course much different.  Very simply, EACH veteran needs ONE doctor (and team) and ONE phone number that he/she can claim.  The VA needs to have that point-of-contact with the SAME doctor last at least FIVE years.  The doctor roulette is Russian roulette.  If the care is disorganized, it’s not the best VA care that kills the patient – it’s the worst.  The blurring confusion should stop, the lack of duty should stop.  ONE doctor, ONE phone number, FIVE years at a time, at least.
That will fix a lot of the problem.