Ah, I didn’t know what this gizmo was.  Realtime video in hospitals.  I’d predicted that for the end of 2015; good to see that Fascism’s ahead of the curve!  Next we implant patients with RFID chips to make them “mobile EMR’s.”  Maybe shocks for those who spend too much time looking at a whiskey bottle.  Okay, but I think Fascism’s pretty well been worked through the wringer; it won’t go.

Honestly, this is unsettling.  It was as bothersome as when a group in Britain did tests on Eva Braun’s hair, and determined, thanks to PCR technology, that she had Jewish Blood.  For those who are naive about genetics, there is no such thing as Jewish Blood.

Machines and technology are not morally benign things.  If we gather information that can be used for malicious purposes, we need to have an extremely good reason for doing so.  Videotaping people in hospitals – even in public – is an infringement of human dignity.  Just to be able to use a gadget to do so doesn’t justify it.

Through the course of practice, ideas can come into one’s head.  Certain ways of saving lives can be twisted into ways of taking lives.  I know of perhaps a half-dozen ways of crafting a little portable device that could kill an unsuspecting well person.  And the details, I shall take to my grave.  These would be clever devices; perhaps even ones that can be put to good use.  But in deference to Alfred Nobel, I will never speak of them..