The Barefoot Doctor chorus of reform is to make six-month doctors, the way we made 90-day second Lieutentant wonders in Vietnam! We should realize that we are targeting a level of services in the US that will be the equivalent of Turkey and Mexico. That will be achieved by 2020. If the services mean much better healthcare at much lower cost, then we will have achieved that. It is within our grasp!
We have much of the spirit of Mao’s Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution in this country. There is great energy and trust in the futurism of rationality, guided by the leadership of Great Data and Order. China destroyed their Barefoot Doctor program in 1981 by allowing revisionist capitalism to return to the medical system. Here in America, we can return to a model of “let the people care for the people!”
Doctors should be peasants – and peasants should be doctors, the saying went. A psychiatrist I know went to the countryside for “re-education.” She became incredibly skilled at the appendectomy, and the field-sterilization and manufacture of surgical equipment. It can be done!
The Chinese turned their back on what could be done by Mao Thought years ago, and turned away from this movement. We can pick it up, and see tremendous cost-savings in America.

Do not look too deeply, though. What is underneath is unspeakable.